Hepsia is our own, in-house developed Internet hosting CP. That fact offers us more control and enables us to include custom functions with ease rather than relying on a third-party firm. Hepsia provides a lot of functions and is easy for rookies to use, but delivers enough advanced functions, that shall be appreciated by the more tech-savvy users also. You can quickly create and manage an e-mail address, a MySQL database or an FTP account, install a script application with a 1-click installer, set up an .htaccess file for various purposes, check out comprehensive stats, and many more. You may even upload files through drag-and-drop actions, while quick links and right-click context menus shall give you access to different functions with no need to jump through various sections or to scroll up and down constantly. Because Hepsia is an all-in-one Control Panel, you could also register and manage domains, renew your web hosting plan, add upgrades, and so forth., from one and the same place.

Hepsia CP with unlimited domains and no root access in VPS Hosting

In the event that you need a virtual private servers for your Internet sites, you shall see Hepsia among the hosting Control Panel options on the order page. It is supplied with all the Operating Systems that we offer, so in case you have a script that has a specific requirement in this regard, you could still take full advantage of our CP. Even though the root access with a Hepsia-equipped VPS will be restricted, you shall still be able to manage your files and databases via SSH. As the Hepsia Control Panel also comes with our shared web hosting plans, the idea behind offering VPS plans with it is to present you with the chance to handle everything via an easy-to-use interface. This way, you'll be able to leverage the VPS’s resources even in the event that you don't have practical experience, considering that managing a Hepsia-equipped VPS feels like managing a shared account, but you will have a lot more power. You can also renew your plan or include more domain names with only a few mouse clicks.

Hepsia CP with unlimited domains and no root access in Dedicated Web Hosting

If you choose one of the Linux dedicated web hosting we offer, you'll be able to pick the Hepsia hosting CP alongside Debian - one of the Operating System choices on the signup page. Since this is the same exact Control Panel included with our shared web hosting packages, you'll be able to use the power of the dedicated machine and to regulate everything as if you’re managing a common shared account. There isn't a limit on the amount of domains that you can include as hosted on the server and Hepsia will enable you to manage each of them effortlessly in one place via a user-friendly interface. Due to the fact that you shall also be capable to renew the plan and to check out any support tickets that you’ve opened, you won't ever need to switch between various systems to carry out a specific task. If required, you will also be able to connect to the web server via SSH and to execute diverse operations with your files and databases, although the options you'll have shall be more restricted when compared with a server with a different Control Panel.